Service Award History by Name


Past Recipients Sorted by Name

Abbott, Nancy2004Individual
Adams, Char1999Individual
Adamson, James 1972Special
Alexander’s Market1974Special
Allen Lund Company, 1991Organization
American Field Service, La Cañada Chapter1997Organization
Anderson, Patricia2013Individual
Andresen, Elizabeth & Bob 1994Individual
Angelica, Laurel2002Student
Angelica, Tony2014Individual
Argue, John C. 1994Special
Arman, Harold1996Individual
Arnett, Mary Ann & Jim 1988Individual
Assistance League of Flintridge1971Organization
Assistance League of Flintridge1995Organization
Ayres, Helen1974Individual
Baker, David2020Student
Baker, Dr. Leonard “Skip”1986Individual
Barkley, Nila & Roger 1979Individual
Barrie, Mary2006Special
Battaglia, Kate2012Student
Beatty, Sue2002Individual
Berkuta, III, Nicholas 2011Individual
Berkuta, IV, Nicholas 1992Student
Bernhard, Talia2013Student
Blackwelder, Liz1998Special
Bowers, Frank1997Individual
Boyd, Susan2014Individual
Bradley, Kara2017Student
Bradley, Kyla2014Student
Breckheimer, Jennifer2001Student
Broberg, Jeanne & Dr. Charles 1990Individual
Brockmeyer, Molly & Neal 1982Individual
Brown, Greg2022Individual
Browne, Shannon1990Student
Burns, Bradley2022Student
Burns, Martha2005Individual
Buss, Dorothy1984Individual
C.I.T.Y. Program1986Special
Campbell, James J. 1992Individual
Cañada Auxiliary of Professionals of ALF1996Organization
Carbonetti, Sherrill1977Individual
Carney, Kelly2019Student
Caswell, Michael2004Student
Cerini, Matthew1999Student
Clark, Christie2017Individual
Coates, Doris Young 1985Individual
Cochran, John Robert 1996Student
Cohen, Donna & Richard 1980Individual
Community Center of LCF2011Organization
Community Scholarship Foundation of LCF1993Organization
Community Scholarship Foundation of LCF1965Organization
Community Scholarship Foundation of LCF2014Organization
Covey, Joyce & Bob 1979Individual
Crahan, Christie2020Special
Craven, Caroline2020Individual
Craven, Liz & Bob 1985Individual
Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station “Volunteers on Patrol”2011Special
Crescenta-Cañada Family YMCA1990Organization
Dalbeck, Virginia2004Individual
Dannenhold, Robert1986Individual
Davidson, Donald1977Individual
Davitt, Michael2018Individual
Dawson, Jack & Barbara 2003Individual
DeGrey, Shirley & Dick 1983Individual
Del Guercio, Stephen 2014Individual
deLipthay, Marion1966Individual
Deputy Dan Connolly & the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station Volunteers2004Special
Descanso Gardens Guild1979Organization
Descanso Gardens Guild, Inc.2007Special
Dolberg, Nola & Glenn 1972Individual
Dorce, Jenna2016Student
Dorians, The 1968Individual
Dragon Thrift Shop2001Organization
Dryer, Marjorie1984Individual
Edwards, James1998Individual
Edwards, Jeanne2002Individual
Eland, Barbie2019Individual
Ellis, Dr. Leon 1989Individual
Ellis, Ellen1967Individual
Erskine, Chris2022Focus
Farr, Marge1979Individual
Father’s Council1966Organization
Feehan, Joan1994Individual
Ferber, Eileen2000Individual
Fine Arts Dept. La Cañada HS1968Organization
Flintridge Guild of Children’s Hospital2003Organization
Flintridge La Cañada Guild of Huntington Memorial Hospital2002Organization
Flintridge Riding Club2012Organization
Francis, Merrill R. 1976Individual
Francis, Nancy1984Individual
Frandsen, Rosalynde1992Student
Freeway Action Committee1966Organization
Frewing, Kent1978Individual
Friends of the La Cañada Flintridge Library2013Organization
Fults, Linda1997Individual
Gant, Mary2009Special
Gelhaar, Becky1996Individual
Geoghegan, James1998Individual
Gieseke, Carl1972Individual
Gieseke, Edith1976Individual
Gifford, Joy1990Special
Gifford, Joy1998Individual
Glass, Kay & Clem 1978Individual
Goldstein, Shayna2017Student
Goldsworthy, Todd2000Student
Graf, Donald1986Individual
Green, Mary Alice 1974Individual
Greene, Joan1973Individual
Gregg, Kelly2011Student
Haaga, Heather2013Individual
Hake, Merrily2008Individual
Hammerwold, Gaylord2001Individual
Hammons, Harriet2014Individual
Hamre, Susan1997Special
Hemphill, Clyde2008Individual
Herrman, Shirley & Dave 1978Individual
Hill, Don1979Individual
Hillgren, Mary Ellen & Warren 1979Individual
Hillside Learning Center1995Organization
Hilton, Rosalind1989Individual
Hingst, Donald1984Individual
Hingst, Shirley1999Individual
Hogle, Jane1969Individual
Hogle, Jerry1965Individual
Hook, Rosemary2009Individual
Hopkins, Sara1991Student
Horsfall, William D. 1987Individual
Hudson, Barbara2002Individual
Hurlbutt, Katherine2004Student
Hurlbutt, Mary K. 2006Student
Hutchins, Pat1995Individual
Jang, Alice1996Student
Jet Propulsion Laboratory1974Special
Jet Propulsion Laboratory2000Special
Johann, Beverly1992Individual
John Harris & Firefighters from Stations 82 & 192000Special
John Kelsey & the LCHS Madrigals1990Special
Johnson, Courtney2018Student
Johnson, Mabel1976Individual
Juett, Dottie & Dennis 1983Individual
Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Club of LCF2001Organization
Keledjian, Alex2012Student
Kim Choi, Soo 2018Individual
Kirchheimer, Sherry2006Individual
Kiwanis Builders Club at St. Bede School, Ms. Barbara Kuhl, Advisor2005Organization
Kiwanis Club of La Cañada1966Organization
Kiwanis Club of La Cañada1974Organization
Kiwanis Club of La Cañada2010Organization
Kiwanis Club of La Cañada-AM1996Organization
Klein, Andrea2013Student
Knight, Julia1974Individual
Knight, Tyler1995Student
Krause, Edmund J. 1983Individual
Krishnan, Kavitha1995Student
Krishnan, Nithya1999Student
Kruse, Matthew2022Student
Kruse, Michael1993Student
La Cañada Baseball Association1967Organization
La Cañada Baseball Softball Association2012Organization
La Cañada Council of PTA1999Organization
La Cañada Girl Scout Association2002Organization
La Cañada Junior Women’s Club2020Organization
La Cañada Junior Women’s Club1971Organization
La Cañada Printing Services1999Organization
La Cañada Special Olympics  Volunteers1976Special
La Cañada Thursday Club2006Organization
La Cañada Valley Beautiful1989Organization
La Cañada Valley Hospital1965Organization
La Cañada Youth House Community Center1973Organization
Lanterman Historical Museum Foundation2004Organization
LCF Branch Library2014Special
LCF Chamber of Commerce & Community Association1975Organization
LCF Educational  Foundation1987Organization
LCF Newcomers Club1965Organization
LCF Orthopaedic Guild2007Organization
LCF Outlook2001Organization
LCF Sister Cities2022Organization
LCF Tournament of Roses1988Organization
LCF Trails Council2008Organization
LCF Women’s Club 1965Organization
LCF Women’s Club1981Organization
LCHS Club Teens for the Advancement of Children’s Hospital (TACH)2015Special
Leininger, Michael2013Individual
Leser, Father1968Individual
Loofburrow, James C. 1966Individual
Los Altos Auxiliary of the Sycamores2003Organization
Mack, Ann1981Individual
Mailes, Malia2010Special
Markgraf, Katherine2018Individual
Marshall, Barbara2015Individual
Mathison, Karen2006Individual
McCormick, John H. 1984Individual
McFadden, Jane1970Individual
Mendon, Irene1993Individual
Milbank, Mary1973Individual
Millikan, Brad1972Individual
Misplaced Priorities & Los Gringos Restaurant2019Special
Moffitt, Will2007Individual
Montrose Search & Rescue Team1998Organization
Moore, Sally1976Individual
Morris, Kimberly Ann1994Student
Morrison, Nicole2010Student
Morrison, Pat1977Individual
Morton, Sheri2017Individual
Muller, Ridgely1970Individual
Multari, Ellen2018Individual
Myers, Shirley1976Individual
Nagel, Jack2016Student
Neilson, Ann 1987Individual
O’Brien, Will 2006Student
Obligato, Jan & Dr. Peter 1992Individual
Olhasso, Laura2007Individual
Olsen, John2008Special
Palermo, Nancy & Peter 1982Individual
Pankratz, Margaret1983Individual
Parrish, George1970Individual
Parrish, George1977Individual
Peterson, Joel2013Individual
Pickering, Muriel & Dr. William 1981Individual
Pieper, Barbara1980Individual
Pollock, Darren1997Student
Pounders, Bill2020Individual
Powers, Kaitlin2015Student
Pryor, Frances1968Individual
Puglia, Joe2019Special
Redmond, Ann1971Individual
Retired Service Volunteers1989Special
Reynolds, Meredith2001Individual
Reynolds, Zelta1971Individual
Rivers, Lillian1970Individual
Rix, Jane1973Individual
Rodgers Jr., Hueit “Rod” 1976Special
Roger Barkley Community Foundation1994Organization
Rood, Margaret Anne 1969Individual
Rotary Club of LCF1984Organization
Ruygrok, Joyce2011Individual
Ryan, Alice2022Individual
Saavedra, Regina2008Student
Sainburg, Estrella2010Student
Samuelson, Doris & Bob 1970Individual
Samuelson, Jack1975Individual
Saydah, Jessica2009Student
Schechter, Sue1995Individual
Schmidt, Kate L. 2005Student
Scholarship League1993Organization
Schwartz, Vicki2017Individual
Seastrom, Jeanifer & Wes 2019Individual
Shahbazian, Ernest1997Student
Sherer, Gordon1999Special
Shupper, Bill2001Individual
Siegler, Carole & John 1991Individual
Sjogren, Bill2015Individual
Skidettes-St. Bede’s Catholic Church1992Organization
Slaughter, Claire1974Individual
Smith, Celeste & Robert 1991Individual
Smith, Gilbert1965Individual
Smith, Joel2011Individual
Smith, John1969Individual
Smoot, Jean1975Individual
SooHoo, Janice2017Individual
Spartan Boosters Club2000Organization
Stapazon, Randy2012Individual
Stephen, Naomi2018Student
Stevens, Bryan1998Student
Terry, Andrea2005Individual
Tesenholtz, Audrey Hedges 1989Individual
The Apple Cart2006Organization
Thomas, Julia1996Individual
Thompson, Joe2010Individual
Thompson, Lynne2019Individual
Tobias, Rachel2007Student
Tracy, Scott2015Individual
USC VHH Volunteers, 2018Special
Valente, Chris1985Individual
Voss, Don2016Individual
Walker, Terry2016Individual
Wallace, Bob2016Individual
Ward, Blanche1982Individual
Weber, Barbara2012Individual
Wheeler, Jack2003Individual
Williams, Don & Joan 2007Individual
Wilson, Joy1980Individual
Wynton, Jeanine1993Student
Yes On School Bonds Committee1968Organization
Ziehl, Dr. Donald C. 1969Individual
Zintgraff, Dr. Paul 1965Individual